What We Do

Our Vision

To change the narrative of CBD in Asia to health and wellness and be Asia’s leading CBD wellness brand.

Our Mission Statement

Asian countries are less aware of the importance and the necessity of CBD, when compared to countries in the West. Therefore, we endeavor to bring CBD wellness culture to Asia. Our mission is to make the highest quality luxury CBD products for the Asian consumer, while changing the perspective on CBD wellness in Asia.

Types of Business We Offer

Individuals (Influencers, Celebrities)

  • We create their own products/brands
  • We help them start their own business/brands
  • We can also help them with management and consultation

Other Companies

  • Working with Distribution companies
  • Co-developing our products

Our Strategic Approach

  • To change the narrative of CBD in Asia to health and wellness, not narcotics. Over the next 5 years, PdH will be one of, if not the, leading CBD wellness brand in Asia.
  • We will start changing the mindset of the Asian market by Influencer Marketing and collaborations with Celebrities who will become PdH’s Brand Ambassadors. We will use this as a platform to grow awareness on the benefits of CBD skincare and change the narrative of CBD from narcotic to a wellness product in Asia.
  • We will do so by demonstrating how to best use our products to improve people’s health, first through topicals, then through ingestibles.
  • As we achieve greater market penetration and acceptance, we will work with strategic distributors to bring PdH’s products to store shelves across Asia.
  • Asia is the largest skincare market in the world and PdH will be front and center with its strategic positioning.

Why Asia?


  • Asia is projected to be the largest CBD market globally
  • The trend in many Asian countries has been a loosening of regulations on CBD products

Problem To Solve

  • Most CBD exports entering Asia have low or inconsistent quality
  • There is no current luxury CBD product that serves the Asian market

Why Pot d’Huile

  • Pot d’Huile is an award-winning American brand that has been featured in renowned publications including the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, GQ, and Tattler Asia, and has been prominently featured on Netflix.
  • Proven manufacturing and branding expertise with a world-class team.
  • Established pipeline of strategic partners in the US and Asia.


  • CBD has long been used medically and helps us in many ways. Unlike Western countries, Asian countries have smaller CBD market sizes that will eventually grow larger.
  • Our goal is to promote our good CBD to all of Asia. Our various products (such as cosmetics, food, etc.) have high-end quality and will be distributed on the market like luxury goods.
  • Due to COVID-19, we will collaborate with celebrities, artists, and influencers to create their own product lines and launch them on our online platform.
  • With our CBD products, we can make the world change.